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Redesigning and rebuilding your current infastructure is a great endeavor.
Let us help you accomplish your technology goals!


Tech Refresh

Call Scott if you need to discuss the virtues of CP/M. Begrudginly ripped out of the 1980's (1970's?), Scott will now talk with you about all of your Technology needs.  PCS helps think through solutions - not just sell you hardware. For example, while watching a favorite TV drama, the power goes out. No problem: the whole house generator kicks on. Unfortunately, your Satellite Receiver takes 10 minutes to restart. That's an Incomplete Solution as a Battery Backup could run the system until the generator is online. 

PC Supplies can do supplies!  Need toner? New web cam? How about some security cameras? PCS is widely recognized as a technology partner for individual, corporate and government entities. 

Since 1981, P.C. Supplies has adapted to meet changes in technologies
and best practices. While selling computers and printers, PCS can service existing hardware. Need a new battery for that laptop? PCS is the one-stop shop for all your technology needs.

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We have designed and built technology solutions since 1981. 
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